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Meditating with Bees

Summer 2024 at Sunnyfields Apiaries, near Bungay on the Norfolk/ Suffolk border.

Limited to 4 Evenings this summer:

·       Tuesday 11th June 4pm – 6pm

·       Wednesday 12th June 4pm – 6pm

·       Monday 8th July 5pm – 7pm

·       Tuesday 9th July 5pm-7pm

Join us for an immersive experience blending guided meditation with the soothing presence of honey bees, fostering a profound connection with the natural world.  An opportunity to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the buzz of day-to-day life.

This two-hour retreat will begin with a friendly welcome before beekeeping suits are donned.  Stacy will welcome you to the apiary with a short chat about the bees, opening a hive briefly so you can see the colony at work and tune into their rhythms.  We will use our senses to immerse ourselves in their world, breathing in the warm hive scent, watching their gentle productivity, and listening to their buzz.   As the sun begins its descent, the forager bees will start to head home to their hive laden with pollen and nectar, Wendy will guide the group in some grounding meditation in the gardens by the hives. An opportunity to become once again aware of our surroundings as we listen to the sounds of nature getting ready for bed, inhaling the fresh air and appreciating a moment of calm.  Content, we will conclude with a drink and something sweet to eat before heading back into the “real world”.

Meditation Alchemists Community (The MAC)

When: Ongoing

Where: Via Zoom

Price: £10 a month (Founder Member until 31st May 2024)

A safe supportive space where you can deepen your meditation practice with others.

What I offer

If you are interested in working with me as a Speaker or specific Empowerment Activities, then simply click below and get it touch.


I’m available to speak at events, in-person or virtual and can cover a variety of topics under the holistic umbrella including meditation, EFT, empowerment, and personal growth and development.


Empowerment is a vital part of personal growth, developing the skills, mindset, and confidence to take control of one’s life and pursue personal goals and aspirations. 

In recognising your strengths and weaknesses, and taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions, you can begin to live consciously. 

We work together to challenge and overcome limiting beliefs, develop a growth mindset, and cultivate self-compassion and resilience.

One of the key components of personal empowerment is setting and achieving personal goals. This will involve identifying what is truly important to you, creating a vision for your future, and developing a plan of action to achieve your hopes and dreams. 

Activites can include FIREWALKING & ARROW BREAKING.

What others have said

Rather than me telling you, I’ll let others tell you what they think.

Get her booked. You won’t be disappointed.

Straight talking. Likeable. Funny. Wendy-Anne Steer has that rare ability to take your audience on a journey that includes dark times and triumphs, while keeping them absolutely captivated AND injecting humour to lift spirits, at precisely the right time.

Wendy-Anne will leave your audience feeling anything is possible, and trusting they can take the action necessary, because Wendy has already provided them with living, breathing, proof.

Get her booked. You won’t be disappointed.


Wendy is a brilliant speaker!

She’s a natural story teller, keeping her audience fully engaged. Her bubbly personality shines through as she speaks and she is clearly an authority in her field, bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to her talks. Book her – you won’t be disappointed.


What a warm, funny, real, engaging speaker she is.

I have been lucky enough to hear Wendy-Anne Steer speak from the stage. Awesome. What a warm, funny, real, engaging speaker she is. She doesn’t tell you she’s passionate about what she does – she simply demonstrates it.

If you are running an event and looking for someone to lift the room with a speaking slot – contact Wendy, sit back, and enjoy the energy she exudes!


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