What's the significance of these lunar events?

Personally I am obsessed with the moon, and always have been.

I often talk to the moon. And it talks back, in its own way. One need only listen.

I’m humbled and in awe of that beautiful entity, watching over us, allowing us to bask and bathe in its glorious light. 

I breathe with the moon and absorb its incredible energy. 

We have an understanding, the moon and me, a shared secret that only we know.  

And back on this Earthly plane, I am the proud owner of a Jellycat Moon (which sits in my lying room) and a wonderful family picture commission, showing what phase the moon was in on our individual days of birth. 

For me, this moon comes as we enter our ‘new term’ – like a back to school phase for adults – September is like a new year for some of us – and this moon brings luck.

“We have an understanding, the moon and me, a shared secret that only we know.”

What’s so special about this moon?

August 30th-31st Supermoon will be the closest, biggest, and brightest full Supermoon of 2023.

It’s exceptionally close in moon-miles from Earth (222,043 miles). The next time we’ll have a closer full Supermoon is November 5, 2025, when the moon lies 221,817 miles from Earth.

A Blue Moon is when two full moons occur within a calendar month OR seasonal cycle.

Since they only take place about every two to three years, they’re considered a rare and magickal event.

“They are considered a rare and magickal event.”

Connecting to magickal realms

The Blue Moon is a time of heightened spiritual energy and potential. 

Practitioners of various esoteric and magickal practices view a Blue Moon as an opportune time for rituals, spells, meditation, and setting intentions.

And I do as well. 

It’s a truly powerful time. 

The Blue Moon carries amplified energy, making it a potent time for casting spells, performing rituals, or engaging in other metaphysical practices.

It’s a powerful time to set intentions. Just as the Full Moon is a time of culmination and manifestation, the Blue Moon is a rare opportunity to supercharge your intentions.

The idea of a “once in a Blue Moon” occurrence has also led to the association of the Blue Moon with transformation and change. Now is the time to reflect on personal growth and make positive changes in your life. Start your new journey.

The Blue Moon is a fabulous aid to dreamwork, divination, and other forms of psychic exploration. The heightened energy of the moon can enhance one’s ability to connect with deeper realms of consciousness.

Just as the Full Moon is often used for cleansing and charging crystals and ritual tools, the Blue Moon can be an even more powerful time for these activities.

“Now is the time to reflect on personal growth and make positive changes in your life.”

Why we connect the menstrual cycle with the moon phases

The New Moon is traditionally associated with menstruation, and if you find you get your period with the New Moon this is known as a White Moon Cycle.

The Full Moon is traditionally associated with ovulation, but some women do get their period on the Full Moon and this is called a Red Moon Cycle.

The White Moon Cycle is the kind that is more commonly experienced. Historically this is down to the impact of light on the Earth and our bodies – the Full Moon is the Earth’s most fertile time because of the additional light received by plants when there is bright moonlight as well as sunlight, and this is why it is traditionally associated with the ovulation phase.

Although the White Moon cycle is more common – that’s getting your period on the New Moon and ovulating on the Full Moon – a Red Moon cycle has interesting traditional connotations.

Women who experience a Red Moon cycle have historically been thought to be healers, wise women, or medicine women. These women would take care of the other women who were on their period at the time that they themselves were ovulating. 

It’s also associated with creation in realms other than getting pregnant and having children – when the woman’s focus is on creating art, a business, or a new way of life for herself and others.

“Women who experience a Red Moon cycle have historically been thought to be healers, wise women, or medicine women.”

Celebrating and honouring the Blue Moon

Here are some ways you might like to celebrate and honour the Blue Moon.

Rituals and spells focused on intention-setting, manifestation, cleansing, or any other magickal purpose that aligns with the energy of the Blue Moon.

Meditation, reflection and deep introspection. Use the heightened energy of the moon to connect with your inner self, gain insights, and reflect on your goals and aspirations.

Connect psychically. Tarot readings, scrying, dream interpretation, and other forms of intuitive work will be enhanced during this time.

Gather moon water: Leave water out under the moonlight to create a special batch of moon water, which can then be used for various purposes like cleansing, blessing, banishing, and ritual work.

Blue Moons often inspire creative individuals to become prolific in their pursuits that align with the lunar energy. This includes painting, writing, crafting, or any other form of creative expression. The choice is yours.

A simple walk in the moonlight, a ritual cleansing bath or shower, a meditation outside in the moon’s brilliant light – how you honour and celebrate is up to you – it’s your intention that holds the power.

Harness it well.

So mote it be.

I hope you’ve found this informative and enlightening.

Whatever your beliefs and/or practices, lean into this Blue Moon energy and you might just be surprised at what you encounter.