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“We don’t meditate to get better at meditating, we meditate to get better at life.”

– Sharon Salzberg –

I am Wendy, The Well-Being Alchemist.

For the last 20 years I have continuously pursued knowledge in well-being and various healing modalities whilst working with individuals striving to find their well-being balance.

The reason I am so passionate started when I was struck down with M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was about 30 years old. It put a halt on my career and remains my most humbling and educational period of my life. I suffered for 3 long years before completely recovering.

This led me on a journey to learn and train in many modalities. I take my Continuing Professional Development very seriously fuelled by my thirst for learning. A friend once called me a Learning Slut and I am OK with that.

Nature is my happy and healing place. Water has proven to be my therapy from Stand Up Paddleboarding to Wild Swimming (I have swum through the last 4 winters).

I live in Lincolnshire with the Hubster, Ashley and my twins Hugo and Harriet.

What I offer

Coaching & Mentoring 


Neurodiverse Advocate & Support



EFT (Tapping)

She is the bridge between the physiological and the emotional state.

Wendy’s work is sensitive, intuitive and provides a welcoming space to process emotions that have been buried.

I believe that menopause is a time to clear what has proved difficult in the past.  When oestrogen declines it can take with it the hiding places for past emotional events, bringing them to the forefront asking to be processed before we move on to the next stage of life & wellbeing.

For me Wendy provided the bridge between the physiological and the emotional state, bringing balance and understanding.



Thank you Wendy!

I was recommend Wendy’s services via a friend. Initially it was to help support my son, who had moved school to one that fitted his needs better. My goal, of which Wendy has achieved, was for him to regain his self esteem, conviction of his own opinion and general resilience. It’s evident that Wendy is clearly a voracious learner and brings such a holistic vision to the table with a whole host of innovative tools.

I felt an instant connection as did my son with her warm and welcoming nature. Wendy put us at total ease and I even called upon her services and we tackled the challenge head on and have made great strides. Sometimes you get to work with someone and you just get each other and Wendy totally got us! Thank you Wendy.



Wow! Where do I begin with Wendy?

I started having EFT with her to tackle issues with anxiety, fear and in particular swallowing pills, as a result of obtaining a traumatic brain injury. I have found the sessions very accessible, with fantastic results giving me more self confidence and tackling deep routed issues. I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough. Plus she always makes me laugh which is an added bonus!


Wellness Journal



I discovered this poem a few years after it was published. Every line of it resonates with me on various levels.

So I want to share it in case you may not have read it, with just a few of the highlights for me personally.

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August’s Blue Moon and Supermoon

August’s Blue Moon and Supermoon

Personally I am obsessed with the moon, and always have been.

I often talk to the moon. And it talks back, in its own way. One need only listen.

I’m humbled and in awe of that beautiful entity, watching over us, allowing us to bask and bathe in its glorious light.

I breathe with the moon and absorb its incredible energy.

We have an understanding, the moon and me, a shared secret that only we know.

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