The well-being path is not always easy to stay on is it? For me I factor in a lot of self care and try to incorporate healthy habits but things can slip so easily. There can be a gradual veering off or something knocks you sideways. Then it can be easy to loose the path completely. Sometimes what served us no longer does and life just continues to happen. We all have the same amount of hours in the day available to us and yet most of us are feeling time poor.

Ironically if we maintain our well-being then we cope better with what life throws at us. However other things can take priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup though.

As a Well-being Coach I do everything I can to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. So I do a lot of positive things for my well-being but things still sneak up on me. So the opportunities to take stock and really reflect are not always available. Holidays are great but the reality of a holiday is someone still has to organise or cook or placate any family conflict, to name a few. The opportunity to dig deep and really work on oneself can be minimal. This is where retreats come in to the picture……..

For me a retreat is an opportunity to do the inner work, release what no longer serves me, connect with nature and be truly held. My personal growth is often huge, I can get massive shifts or learnings when I have this space. The person or people running the retreat are equally important for me to get the most benefit so I have to feel safe and supported. I have attended anything from day retreats to week long ones over the years.

The benefits do not just remain mine though. My Hubster and kids love the chilled person I come back as and it is maintainable if I stay on that path.

Research supports this; comparing having a holiday to attending retreats found that a retreat provided longer-term biological change like taking an anti viral, than a holiday.

I have not run a retreat since the Pandemic but I do have plans. Do join my newsletter if you want to know about them first.

Love & hugs,