In the aftermath of the boiling water incident that left my leg and foot severely burned, the journey of recovery begins.

While seeking medical attention and adhering to professional advice, I also turned to the power of meditation and breathwork as complementary tools to support my healing journey. Throughout this period, I discovered the profound impact that these practices, coupled with intuitive healing, could have on my physical and emotional well-being.

Recovery Estimates

So let me pick up where I left off…

The recovery time anticipated for my leg and foot was to be approximately 6 weeks minimum, I was informed. With burns, particularly large areas, the biggest risk is infection. 

So the task was simple – feet up and heal and change the dressings. They kept a very close eye on me and I was not referred locally – every few days I took the trip into the city hospital and had the dressings changed. This went on for 3 weeks. 

So, other than hospital visits, I was pretty much housebound. I could not wear shoes on my right foot. There was swelling and the pain was ongoing. Even sleeping next to the Hubster was a challenge. I swapped the side of the bed so my right leg could be out of the covers.

Healing from within

So, of course I continued to access my tools; I was tapping daily and meditating as frequently as possible. I would stand in the garden barefoot and ground myself. 

To connect with the healing energy within me, I engaged in meditations focused on loving-kindness, visualisations of healing and blood flow, and the sacred chanting of “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung,” a mantra renowned for its sacred healing properties.

Personally I don’t like to chant unless I understand the words I am using. So here’s the translation for you.

Ra = Means Sun life energy
Ma = Means Moon more receptive
Da = Means Earth, the Mother security and strength.
Sa = Means Sky-Universe-Unity, to sing it brings the healing, the infinite one, everything is connected
Sa = Everything is connected
Say = I am Sa
So = I experience Sa
Hung = Reality is the vibrating sense Infinite love

If you would like to experience the chant by the most beautiful voice that is Snatam Kaur.

Dead Toes

A week or so in and the doctors were paying more attention to the three outside toes on my foot. It would appear the white toes may not only be white due to the skin healing but maybe they had been killed off completely and there was a possibility of developing gangrene! 

The dressings got expensive as they used special silver ones. I was understandably gripped with immense fear.

I continued to turn to meditation, visualisation, breathwork, and tapping to guide me through. 

The enforced rest was starting to feel counter intuitive. How was fresh blood going to get to the area easily if it had to go uphill? I was aware my muscles needed action and my knee was locking. And I was missing my wild swimming so much.

Fortunately my dear friend Magda came to visit. Now, she is a McTimoney Chiropractor and a qualified nurse and we are both very intuitive, particularly when it comes to healing. She felt the same as me, it was time to move and engage muscles and improve blood flow.

Focussed Healing

The walks round the garden and the house increased and the focussed healing continued.

Finally after 3 weeks my toes came back to life! It was at this point that I was discharged and no longer had to visit the hospital. Much scarring was predicted and I even have a dent in that leg (I think I managed to burn a bit of fat away). 

It became clear that my multifaceted healing journey was driven by a combination of medical expertise, self-healing practices, and a deep connection to my body’s innate wisdom.

I asked if I could get back to my wild swimming. They weren’t keen but said I had to wait until the weekend and that it had to be the sea, not rivers. 

On top of that, the burnt areas were not to see the sun for a minimum of a year and then a year of Factor 50 sun lotion should be applied. 

I drove home via Lidl’s who fortunately had an offer on swim leggings!

Back in the Sea

That weekend I jumped into the North Sea in my new leggings and continued to wild swim as much as possible.

Two years on, the time in which it takes for all of the skin to completely regenerate, and I see no scars! Admittedly my legs have not seen the sun yet so perhaps I will have a patchy tan when it happens. I hope to find out this year.

This was not luck. My healing was incredibly focussed. I used every tool at my disposal. And I do think the cold water immersion from the swimming (I did do Cryotherapy too but I shall talk about that another time) had much to do with the minimal scarring.

So that 6 week recovery they said was the minimum……………On week 4 I trained as a Firewalk Instructor and I walked on burning hot coals hundreds of times.

Intuitive Healing

My recovery surpassed the initial expectations, not merely by chance but through a deliberate utilisation of modalities available to me. 

While acknowledging that my experience is unique and not a substitute for medical advice, I do attribute the power of meditation, breathwork, intuitive healing, and the therapeutic benefits of cold water immersion to my healing journey. 

By embracing these practices alongside professional guidance, I found resilience and bolstered the deep connection with my body’s innate wisdom.