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Mindful Decorating?

So today I should have been on my first day of a three day training course with my business coach Taz but unfortunately she tested positive for Covid and is now poorly. So I decided to behave and not fill my time up, as is my usual default setting. However there has been an outstanding […]

Sorry, Not Sorry

I spoke to a friend and client today and she was telling me just how much meditation was benefitting her and her mental health.  Obviously I felt chuffed; I advocate Meditation for this very reason.  However, it was when I said to her ‘Why do you think I meditate?’ and her response was ‘I dunno […]

First Journal

Hello! My name is Wendy; The Well-being Alchemist. My passion is taking a holistic approach to life and encouraging others to do the same. I am trained in quite a few modalities now and I use all my learning to support my clients. I want to talk very briefly about Meditation. My path onto meditation […]